Weaning your baby

Weaning ni ile time unaanza kuintroduce solid foods  (diet ya adult) kwa mtoi wako in addition to breast milk .

Did you know? When your baby is 6 months, you can start weaning him/her!

Babies wananeed foods tofauti ili waweze kugrow vizuri. Unaweza anza na kuwafeed handfuls 3-4 ya foods ziko rich kama:

  • Uji  - you can add margarine or breast milk.
  • Vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes  na carrots  .
  • Beans ziko mashed na spinach .

Also, mpatie nutrient-rich foods such as:

  • Meat (beef  or chicken  )  na dairy  ambazo ziko rich na protein.
  • Green vegetables na egg yolks  (part ya yellow ya mayai) that provide iron for the baby’s brain to develop normally na kugain weight.
  • Fruits like oranges  and pineapple  zinasaidia kuabsorb the iron.

Give them 3-4 meals a day pamoja na snacks kama fruits  , bread  , yogurt  or even cake  in between! 

 U Afya tip: Feed mtoi wako ile food unaserve the rest of your family. Make sure iko mashed ama soft na unaintroduce one food at a time ndio asikuwe affected na too many new foods all at once.

What was your baby’s first solid food ile time you were weaning? Share with us!

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Elizabeth Uba 7 months ago: uafya Trophy
Mashed Malenge na spinach
Mackline Museve 8 months ago: uafya Trophy
Uji,mashed potatoes,na milk
Emma Glorious 8 months ago: uafya Trophy