Tunza Class: How it Works

Welcome to Tunza Class! Tunza Class ni a series of online courses ambazo ziko designed kukusaidia to stay an informed and confident mum!

Here is what you need to know kuhusu vile Tunza Class courses zinawork!

1. Course Structure

Anza by choosing an online course ambayo you would like to take. More courses will be introduced on U Afya soon, so feel free kurudi tena na tena kuona if there are new courses.

  • Courses ziko divided into chapters.
  • Each chapter iko divided into lessons, na kila lesson iko na various activities mbalimbali for you to explore – from reading, to quizzes, to discussions na mengi zaidi!
  • Complete all chapters to receive a Tunza Class Certificate!
  • Plus, for each chapter that you finish, utapata a badge to download.

Tunza Class remembers where you stopped, so you can leave and come back as many times as you like.

2. Improve your learning

Each chapter will include short quizzes na surveys kukusaidia kujua understanding yako on that chapter’s topic. Go back and do any of the lessons or activities again to see how far you have come!

3. Track your progress

  • As you complete each activity, lesson and chapter, utaona this symbol appear next to the item: 
  • This will help you to track which items you have completed na zile ambazo you still need to do.
  • Items zenye ziko locked show this symbol: 
  • Items that you have started but not completed zinashow this symbol: 

4. Rewards and Achievements

  • Collect downloadable electronic badges for each Chapter you complete to celebrate your progress.
  • Once you complete a course, you will receive an electronic trophy  to share on social media and a downloadable electronic Certificate of Completion.

5. What you need

You need nothing but your time, effort and an internet enabled phone, tablet or computer! If you are on a smartphone, tablet or computer, click the site menu on the top right-hand corner of your screen () and select 'Low data version' ili kusave data bundles zako.

Ukitaka kujua more about how your information will be used or shared, please read the Privacy Policy.