The boy who did not brush his teeth

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There was a little boy who lived with his family. He was a happy boy who liked to play!

He liked eating lollipops. He enjoyed going to school and seeing his friends. The only thing he did not like was to brush his teeth!  
After some time, the other kids did not want to play with him because of his bad breath.  

He started to feel very sick and his teeth were aching all the time.

Because he did not brush his teeth, he had cavities - little holes kwa meno!


How could he have avoided this pain he got?

You are right! By brushing his teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, he could avoid painful, rotten teeth!


Brushing our teeth with toothpaste like Pepsodent can prevent bad breath and cavities! Get it on a discount with U Join Discounts.

What else should the boy do to take care of his teeth? Leave a comment below.

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Stellah Singoei 6 days ago:
Do not take sugary things
Kadara Bilal 1 week ago: uafya Trophy
Avoid sugary foods
Lucia Omesh 1 week ago: uafya Trophy
Avoid sweets