How to update your profile

Manage your account settings and make your U Afya profile show you at your best! Fuata hizi steps rahisi to complete your profile:


Step 1: Go to My Profile

Once you ume login, click kwa jina yako ikupeleke kwa profile yako.

Unaweza edit your Personal Details, view your Achievements, make Friends and view your Friends’ Activities. You can also track your own activities under My Activities.

Step 2: Update your profile info

Click on the Personal Details button.

Click on the Edit button to upload a photo.

You can update your name, photo, gender, birthday, contact info na location. Notice the privacy button too, you will need to use that later.

Your profile photo is super important especially if your friends want to send you an invite. Also, do no’t forget to add your birthday so your friends do not miss it!

Is your mobile number correct?

Kama unataka ku change your password, we will send an SMS to your mobile number with a link to create a new password!

Make sure your email address is up to date as well. This will make it easier for you to change your password.


Step 3: Edit your Display Name

Your Display Name hides your first and last name from other community members.

Step 4: Set advanced Privacy

Your profile is visible to other U Afya members, but you can choose to change that. Use the Privacy buttons to decide what is public and private. If you want, you can choose to share certain things only with friends!

You can also scroll to the bottom of your profile and click on the Privacy Settings button under Account Settings.

We recommend that you do not share any contact details - your safety is important to us.

Step 5: Update your Account Settings

Kama unataka ku update your password, click on the Change Password button at the bottom of your profile.

You will be asked to type in your current password and a new password. Click on the Change Password Button to save your new password.

To change your subscription preferences, click on Subscriptions.

Kama unataka ku unsubscribe from receiving U Join messages, update your preferences by clicking on the “No” buttons. Then click “Save”.

Important: You will still receive system messages via SMS or email to verify your contact information or change your password, regardless of your preferences.

Now umejua how to update your profile, go ahead and make it your own! Go to My Profile.

Do you need help?

Ukiwa na shida yoyote na any part of U Afya, send your questions in the Feedback section. Join us on Whatsapp ama call us on 0720022885.