How to use U Join discounts

Did you know? As a U Afya mum, you can get discounts on some of your favourite products!

Step 1: Register to get U Join discounts

Go to your local U Join duka. If the duka is part of U Join, they will have a poster like this one, with a till number:

Register for U Join discounts by SMSing “Join Your Name Till Number” to 22236.


Join Mary 254777777777

Are you looking for a U Join duka? Click here to find a duka near you.

Step 2: Get discounts every week!

Look out for your weekly voucher codes that will be sent to you via SMS!

Step 3: Redeem your voucher codes

Redeem your voucher codes by SMSing “Redeem Voucher Code Till Number" to 22236.


Redeem 123abc 123456

After the voucher code has been redeemed, you can pay for your product at the discounted price!

Do you need help?

Ukiwa na shida na part yoyote ya U Afya, send your questions in the Give Feedback section or WhatsApp U Afya to 0720022885.