How to add U Afya to your phone

Did you know unaweza weka U Afya kwa home screen ya simu yako? Kama application ya kawaida tu!

Read the instructions down here OR watch a short video of the steps to take by clicking here ▶.

Size ya hii video ni ndogo sana (168KB) to save your data bundles.

This will help you access U Afya fast and easy any time you want to visit the website! 

Quick Tips

Make sure you have Opera Mini ama Chrome downloaded and installed on your phone kama browser kutoka Google Play Store.

Please note: Sometimes, wallpaper umetumia kwa phone inaweza kuzuia kuweka U Afya kwa home screen yako.

Step 1: Go to your browser - Chrome ama Opera Mini

Step 2: Login to U Afya website

Click hapa: and Login ukitumia Username OR Mobile Number OR Email Address and put your Password hapo chini. If you have forgotten your password, click here.

Step 3: Click on the browser menu

Kwa browser yako, utapata menu icon pale top right next to the site URL (dots tatu).


4. Scroll chini kwa options to "Add to Home Screen"

On the menu, tafuta option ya Add to Home screen. This may look different from the picture below, depending na browser unatumia.

Doing this will add a new icon for U Afya kwa kwa screen yako! You will now find U Afya kwa phone yako ukienda kwa homescreen yako pamoja na applications kama WhatsApp or Facebook and continue to enjoy using it!


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Ukiwa na shida na any part of U Afya, send your questions on the Give Feedback section or WhatsApp us on 0720022885.