How to pin U Afya to your phone

Did you know you can pin U Afya website to your phone?

Read the instructions below or watch a short video of the steps to take here ▶. Size ya hii video ni ndogo sana (237KB) to save you data bundles.

This will help you:

1. Kupata U Afya webiste quicker and easier.

2. Sio lazima you log in kila time you want to use U Afya. 

Please see a simple way on how you can do it:

1. Open your phone browser like Chrome or Opera Mini


2. Go to 

3. Login with your username and password. If you have forgotten any of these details we can help you here.

4. After the website has opened, click on the browser menu (the three small dots at the top)


5. Scroll chini to "Add to Home Screen"


6. Choose "ADD" to pin U Afya to your phone


7. You will now find U Afya on your phone with your other applications kama WhatsApp na Facebook!

Need Help?

WhatsApp/Call/SMS "U Afya" to 0720022885