How to Join or Login on U Afya

U Afya can help you improve your knowledge and skills and confidence. To get started, Join or Login on U Afya.

Join for FREE on U Afya

Step 1: Click on Join for FREE

 Step 2: Create an account

Unaweza Join with Facebook ama Join with Google to access the site. Kama huna Facebook ama Google account, scroll chini upate maelezo ya kutengeneza account mpya.

 To create a new account, choose a Display Name. This is the name that other mums will see, and it keeps your real name private.

Next, fill in your mobile number or email address - hii ndio username yako! Utaitumia kulogin in future.


Step 3: Create a password

You will need to type in your password twice to confirm that it is correct.

Then click Join to successfullu create your account.

U Afya Tip

Tick Remember Me uweze ku login kwa urahisi the next time you visit U Afya.

Step 4: Complete your profile

Provide your first name, last name, mobile number ama email address, gender and your birthday. Unahitaji hii information in case usahau password yako!

Click Submit to save the information kwa profile yako.

Step 5: Verify your account

Utapata SMS or email iko na link to verify your account.

Login on U Afya

Step 1: Click on Login


Step 2: Login with your account

Kama ulijoin U Afya na Facebook ama Google, choose moja ya hizi options to Login.

Kama ulitengeneza new account kwa U Afya, tumia the Username, Mobile number ama Email Address ulitumia ukijoin, provide your password halafu click on the Login button.

U Afya Tip

Tick Remember Me uweze ku login kwa urahisi the next time you visit U Afya.

Do you need help?

if you have any problem na any part of U Afya, send us your questions by clicking Give Feedback section, join us on WhatsApp or call us on 0720022885.