How to find and add friends

Whether it is someone that you know in real life or someone who you think is very smart, if they are on U Afya you can add them as a friend.

Step 1: Go to Friends

On your profile, click on the Friends icon or on the Friends button on your profile.

You can view all your friends here!

Step 2: Find Friends

On the Friends page, click on the Find Friends button.

Search for a friend by entering their name or nickname and click Search.

If you cannot find your friend by searching for them, you can browse the U Afya Members list to try and find your friend by clicking on the letters!

You can also add someone as a friend by clicking on that person’s name in the comments throughout the site.

Tip: Having a profile picture makes it easier for your friends to find you!

Step 3: Accept Friend Requests

If you have any new friend requests, you will see a number on the Friends icon at the top of the page and next to Requests Received. You can choose to Accept or Ignore a friend request.


 To view friend requests you have sent, click on Requests Sent on the Friends page.

 You can cancel friend requests by clicking on the Cancel Request button.

Do you need help?

Ukiwa na shida yoyote na any part of U Afya, send your questions in the Feedback section or Whatsapp/Call/SMS “U Afya” to 0720022885