How to enable or disable phone notifications

You can now receive phone notifications from U Afya on your phone!

Want to disable phone notifications? Click here.

Step 1: Login on U Afya

You will not be able to see the buttons to enable phone notifications if you are not logged-in on U Afya. Join for free or login below!

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Step 2: Click on the Enable Phone Notifications button

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on the 'Enable Phone Notifications' button.

You may have to wait a while for the button to appear. 


Older browsers on your phone as well as Safari on iOS and Opera Mini do not support phone notifications.

Step 3: Allow phone notifications

A message will appear saying that U Afya wants to send you notifications. Click Allow.

If you click on Block, you will not receive notifications on your phone. 

When will you receive a notification?

  1. When there are new quizzes, courses and more available on U Afya
  2. When a other mums sends you a friend request or accepts your request
  3. When someone replied to your comment

Do you need help?

Ukiwa na shida na any part of U Afya, send your questions in the Give Feedback section, join us on WhatsApp ama call us on 0720911284.