How to change your password

Ulisahau U Afya password yako? Ukiwa na shida ya kuingia U Afya, follow these easy steps to change your password:

Step 1: Click on Login

On the homepage, click on Login.

Click on the Login button

Step 2: Click on Forgot password?

Ku change password yako, click on Forgot password?

Login to account


Step 3: Type in your Username

Type in your username, mobile number ama email address ulitumia ulipo join U Afya.

Step 4: Select SMS or Email

Choose SMS or Email to receive a link with instructions to change your password. Now click on the Request Reset button.

If you did not provide a mobile number or email address on your profile, you will not be able to change your password.

Kama haukumbuki username, mobile number ama email address ulitumia or if you did not provide a mobile number ama email address on your profileWhatsapp U Afya Support on 0720022885

Step 5: Check your messages

Utapata SMS kwa mobile number yako or a message kwa email address yako. Check your messages for a link iko na instructions za kutengeneza a new password. Ngoa a few minutes for the SMS to be delivered. This may take a while.

Kama link inafungua an error page, jaribu ku copy and paste link kwa browser (Chrome Google, Opera, Opera Mini) yako where you have U Afya open.

Ulitumia email address kwa profile yako?

If so, tutatuma link to change your password via email as well!

Step 6: Type your new password

Sasa, type in password yako mpya, alafu rudia tena to confirm your new password iko sawa. When you are happy with your new password, click on Create new password and you are done!

Click the Login button below to try it.  or find out how to Join for FREE or Login.

Join for FREE Login

Umesahau password yako ya Facebook ama Google?

Once you have changed your Facebook or Google password, you can login to U Afya again!

U Afya Tip

Unaweza update Password yako any time on your Profile under Account Settings! Profile under Account Settings!

Do you need help?

Ukiwa na shida na any part of U Afya, send your questions in the Give Feedback section, join us on WhatsApp ama call us on 0720911284.