How do you teach a child to brush their teeth?

Meno ni muhimu sana kwa watoi as it helps them to speak well na kusupport bones kwa uso and this making them look as beautiful  as they do.

Taking care of your child’s teeth (dental hygiene)  is a must so that they do not get plaque - a sticky layer with bacteria hujiattach kwa meno causing cavities that can be very painful for your child.

Did you know?
You can start brushing teeth using toothpaste on your child when they reach one and a half years. After they are 7 years old, you can trust them to do it on their own!

Hii ni some toothbrushing advice for kids:

  1. Use a small amount of toothpaste (size ya minji) and a kid’s toothbrush (usually smaller than what we use) with soft bristles that you wet before use .
  2. All teeth  should be brushed not only those at the front. Divide the mouth of the child into 4 parts from the front and focus on each part for at least half a minute. It should take you 2 minutes in total to brush!
  3. You should not only wash the teeth lakini pia gums na tongue  to keep them nice and healthy!
  4. Warn your child never to swallow toothpaste as they clean their teeth as it can cause stomach aches  na effects zingine harmful.
  5. Rinse their mouths na plain water so that they get better at spitting as they brush !
  6. Kids should brush their teeth 2 times a day  just like us after eating breakfast and before going to bed.

 U Afya tip:
Make tooth-brushing with your child a fun time so that they can develop good dental hygiene!

As a mum what has your tooth-brushing experience been with your kids?

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Martha Mwangi 4 months ago: uafya Trophy
Its also good to help them brush their teeth ,that way they learn how to brush and the importance of brushing
Konshez Khusal 7 months ago: uafya Trophy
Its has been wow at list they can avoid cavity and germs while brushing two times a day,and they blow a fresh clean air out of their mouth,.and their teeth looks clean n hygienic..
Moderator 6 months ago: uafya Trophy
So happy to hear that! Keep it up!
Laila Rajab Juma 7 months ago: uafya Trophy
It's tricky to my kids wanalamba Colgate Kama chakula
Moderator 6 months ago: uafya Trophy
Oh pole. But ni muhimu kuwaambia effects za kukula Colgate wajue ni ya toothbrushing pekee.