Healthy na affordable snacks for children

Mara mob, kids get hungry between meal times , that is breakfast, lunch na supper pia and look for snacks!

This is because they are growing fast and they get hungry a lot more than we do!

The most important thing to remember is to give your kids healthy snacks! 

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Ni healthy snacks gani unaweza patia watoto? Here are some ideas!

1. Nduma/Ngwashe 

Badala ya kupatia mtoi wako mkate, replace it na boiled sweet potato instead! It is tasty and healthy!

2. Njugu 

Amount kiasi ya njugu ni snack poa itapatia watoi energy. Try to choose ile haina salt.

3. Boiled egg 

Instead of smokie, try a boiled egg? Ziko high in protein na zinashibisha so your child will be feeling full and happy!

4. Popcorn 

This is a healthier snack than crisps, give your child some tasty popcorn.

5. Fruit 

A banana , an orange , a mango  or an avocado  can be a healthy snack for your child too na zina nutritious benefits mob!

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Do you have any other healthy snack ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Amuna Abdala 2 weeks ago:
Biscuits and milk
Kadara Bilal 2 weeks ago: uafya Trophy
I didn't know popcorn was a snack bt now I know
Laila Rajab Juma 2 weeks ago: uafya Trophy
Waaah nilikuwa sijui kama popcorn na njugu ni snack,thanks U afya now I know