Find the Hygiene Hero ushinde na U Afya!

We have hidden our hygiene hero mahali kwa website yetu. Can you find her?

Find the Hygiene Hero and upload her picture. The first 10 U Afya members to upload a picture will win Ksh 250 airtime!

Scroll chini to get started!

Kuingia competition, lazima:

  1. Utafute special hygiene emojis kwa U Afya.
  2. Umalize challenges na activities during your search.
  3. Ukipata Hygiene Hero, download her picture and upload it kwa U Afya website kumaliza!
  4. Be quick and be the first 10 mums to upload the picture who will WIN credo ya 250!

U Afya Tip

Click on the special hygiene pictures to continue your search 

Anza by clicking on the picture:

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Sheero Wailer 1 week ago:
How do I go about it