Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join U Afya?

Kujiunga na U Afya please click on this link: www.uafya.co.ke na kwa top right of the screen click on "Join". Unaweza register ukitumia phone number yako, weka password ungependa kutumia twice.Then click on "Sign Up" na ukumbuke kucomplete profile yako. You will then become part of the U Afya community na uweze kupata regular updates! NB: For your password use one that is easy to remember like your child's/best friend's name, your favourite place to visit, your best snack e.t.c

Must I have a child or children to be part of U Afya?

U Afya community ni ya mums and mums-to-be. Feel free to register and get more information on health, nutrition and hygiene at any time.

If I am part of U Afya, will it help me?

You can become a more informed and confident mum by getting a lot of health-related information kwa My Pregnancy, New Mum or My Family. You can read articles, take quizzes, contribute in forums and take FREE online courses in Tunza Class.

How can I join the U Afya Facebook group?

You can join our Facebook group by searching for "U Afya" on Facebook and requesting to join the group to get regular updates from U Afya

How can I register for U Join discounts as a U Afya mum?

Unaweza register by going to your local U Join duka and asking them to register you or you can even do it yourself ukitumia U Join till number ya hio duka! After kuregister sucessfully, utaanza kupata special discount codes on products through SMS. Find out more here: U Join discounts

What products are there when I am registered as a customer to get U Join discounts?

You can get dicounts on all your favourite products kama Blue Band, Geisha soap, Omo washing powder, Royco beef and chicken, Sunlight bar soap, Sunlight Powder soap, Vaseline jelly, Close-up toothpaste. What's more? Unanaweza save up to 180 bob each month when you buy these products kutoka kwa U Join duka ambayo iko karibu nawe.

How do I spot a U Join duka?

Kawaida, a U Join duka itakuwa na sticker ama poster imeandikwa "Get U Join discounts here".

When and how do I get discounts?

Once you register kwa customer Loyalty Club kwa local U Join duka yako, utaanza kupata discount codes special kwa products kila Tuesday na Saturday through SMS and you can start redeeming them when buying products at your duka! 

Where are these U Join Dukas?

U Join duka ziko Kibera, Kawangware, Eastlands, Kangemi na Uthiru. Please contact us by WhatsApp/Call/SMS us on 0720 022 885 and we can help you register for discounts.

What is Tunza Class?

It is a series of online courses which many U Afya mums have shown interest in on health, nutrition and hygiene. They are made to help young mums and mums-to-be have the important skills to kuwa na a happy and healthy family.

How can I start Tunza Class?

Go to Tunza Class and log in, then anza na the first class shown as Available. It is free!

Can I use my Tunza Class certificate to get a job?

Tunza Class inakupatia knowledge na skills to work and be the best you can be - when raising a family, in your work or studies and/or your personal life. You can add your Tunza Class certificate to your CV kuonyesha what you have achieved.

What do I get for starting and completing a course in Tunza Class?

When you start a course utapata bagdes as you continue for completing each chapter. After you have completed the course you will get a certificate that you can download kwa simu yako and keep for yourself as an achievement.

What courses are currently available on Tunza Class?

Sasa hivi, tuko na Breakfast Class, Pregnancy Class Part 1, Pregnancy Class Part 2 and Pregnancy Class Part 3. Click on this link to start or continue enjoying learning with Tunza Class: Tunza Class

Why are there small blue trophies next to the names of some mums on the U Afya website?

When you see this, it means that the mums have completed all the Tunza Class courses successfully. You can have one too when you finish any of our courses!

Help! I am not able to download my certificate after completing the course!?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us via WhatsApp or SMS on 0720022885 - include your full name, phone number and the type of phone you are using so we can get our technical experts to help you. For now, you can try and download your Tunza Class Certificate on a friend's phone or at a cyber cafe and they can share it with you afterwards. Kama shida iko bado, let us know.

How can U Afya help me if I have a personal health problem with myself or with my child?

Please note that U Afya does not give professional health recommmendations as a doctor wouls give you at a clinic or hospital. We are a community of mums who share with, learn together and take care of each other. If you have a serious health problem or your child has one, please see a doctor as soon as possible to get professional help. Here at U Afya, we can only advise you but you will need medical attention as soon as possibe at a health facility near you.

I do not want to receive any updates from U Afya through SMS

If this happens, kindly do not hesitate to contact us. WhatsApp or SMS us the word STOP to 0720022885.

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