News: Kenya Lifts Movement Restrictions

As we continue the fight against COVID-19, President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday, July 6 lifted restriction ya movement kuingia na kutoka Nairobi, Mombasa na Mandera counties.

Also, current curfew ya 9pm - 4am kila siku imekuwa extended for another 30 days.

We can now move more freely within Kenya, lakini health na safety yetu bado iko mikononi mwetu.

To protect ourselves from getting sick:

  1. Osha mikono regularly using soap and water or sanitizer.
  2. Vaa face mask kila time ukiwa in public.
  3. Maintain social distance ya 1 metre kati yako na watu outside your house.
  4. If you own a business, provide maji na sabuni ama hand sanitizer for customers.

As a safety measure, ukiweza, postpone travelling yoyote in and out of your home area kupunguza risk ya COVID-19 transmission.

For more tips and advice on how you can protect yourself and your family, click here.

How are you keeping yourself and your family safe against COVID-19?

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Leah 4 weeks, 10 hours ago:
Washing hands regularly with running water and soap,minimal movements,Eating a lot of fruits,and we have a thermal gun for checking out our temperatures oftenly.
afya 1 month, 2 weeks ago: uafya Trophy
Tuna maintain social distance of abt 1.5m
afya 1 month, 3 weeks ago: uafya Trophy
Washing hand with soap and water

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