How to Make your Own Fabric Face Mask

It is the responsibility of every Kenyan to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Wearing a face mask can help save lives!

Ni lazima kuvaa face mask ukienda public places kama bus stages, markets, supermarkets na crowded spaces huko nje.

Siwezi afford kubuy face masks, what can I do?

It is not easy to get face masks and it is not cheap to buy them either. Face masks can cost kitu 50 bob kwenda juu. You may have to keep buying more because most face masks zinatumika mara moja tu.

Make your own re-usable fabric face masks!

Click here to watch a video vile unaweza tengeneza your own fabric face mask. Or, follow the steps below to make two types of face masks. Bila kushona!

T-shirt Face Mask

Materials unahitaji:

Bandana Face Mask

Materials unahitaji:

*Tutorials are sourced from the CDC


Children under the age of 2 years old SHOULD NOT wear a face mask because they can easily suffocate and are not able to remove the masks on their own.

Uko na fever, dry cough na shida ya kupumua?

Call 719 or Dial *719#

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