COVID-19 Advice for Breastfeeding

Are you worried about touching, holding ama breastfeeding mtoto wako when you have  COVID-19?

We have good news for you!

Close contact na early, exclusive breastfeeding (maziwa ya mama pekee kama food) inasidia mtoi wako kugrow healthy and strong. You should:

  1. Continue breastfeeding your baby.
  2. Have a routine kusafisha na kudisinfect surfaces kwa nyumba yako.
  3. Hold your newborn skin-to-skin (Kangaroo mother care).
  4. Share a room with your baby.

Wash your hands before and after touching your baby, and keep all surfaces kwa nyumba safi.

If YOU or a family member have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing get medical care as soon as possible.

Any tips and advice you can share with other mums?

Leave a comment hapa chini!

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