Become a COVID-19 Ambassador

U Afya COVID-19 Ambassadors are helping to stop the spread of the virus in their communities.

Join other mums in spreading the word, not the virus!

As a COVID-19 Ambassador, I promise to...

  1. Be a good example by practicing good hygiene behaviours to prevent the spread of COVID-19 
  2. Attend a Whatsapp discussion to learn how you can help others in your community 
  3. Get airtime rewards for helping to keep your community safe 

Pata credo ya 150 bob for joining a Whatsapp discussion!

Click on the button below to be invited to a Whatsapp discussion for a chance to get more rewards.

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Uko na fever, dry cough na shida ya kupumua?

Call 719 or text *719# (toll-free)

Do you need help?

Join us on WhatsApp ama call us on 0720022885