Affordable na healthy breakfast

Breakfast kila siku sio lazima iwe expensive! Did you know that the food we take for breakfast with our families in the morning can affect our moods  and bodies everyday?

Two slices of bread with a layer of Blue Band  tayari iko na minerals na good fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) muhimu kwa growth ya mtoi, kama kuimprove eyesight, kuboost energy levels na general health. Unaweza ongeza a protein-rich spread  on the bread such as a vegetable , fish  or chicken  pieces for a more satisfying breakfast that kids will love!

During breakfast, you can get Vitamin A by taking eggs , carrots , ngwashe , fish, maembe  na Blue Band margarine. Vitamin A itasidia kuboost immune system ya mtoi ama watoi wako so that that they do not get sick and repair their skin to stay healthy!

A nutritious and balanced breakfast is easier than you think! Hizi ni options mbili unaweza try:

  1. Bread + Butter + chai ya maziwa + fruit 
  2. Butter kwa porridge + chai ya maziwa + fruit 

And with our U Join discounts, a healthy breakfast is cheaper than ever! As a U Afya mum you can save money!

What breakfast do you mostly prepare for your family? Share with us.

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Jackline Muhati 2 months ago: uafya Trophy
Bread+blueband,banana and tea
Moderator 1 week ago: uafya Trophy
Nice Jackline!
ephy robert 2 months ago:
thanks for the advice
Moderator 1 week ago: uafya Trophy
You are welcome Ephy!
shamim mohamed 2 months ago: uafya Trophy
Bread blueband tea or milk some eggs en some fruits
Moderator 1 week ago: uafya Trophy
Yes Shamim. That is a balanced breakfast.