8 Practical Uses za Hand Sanitizer

During COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer ni one of the main products we put in our handbags and have in our homes. The alcohol in it works immediately and effectively kuua bacteria na viruses.

But hand sanitizer can be used for more than just cleaning our hands!

8 practical uses for hand sanitizer

Did you know?

Screens za simu zetu are one of the dirtiest objects we touch every day? According to research, a phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Do you have other practical uses for hand sanitizer in your home? Share them with other mums in the comments below.

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Wiping surfaces Cleaning Hand washing Window cleaning
Nelly 3 weeks, 9 hours ago:
Clean everything
Nelly 3 weeks, 9 hours ago:
Micro phone handles