Pregnancy Class (Part 3)

U Afya

This free online course is designed to teach you about staying healthy during the third trimester!

3rd trimester ni nini?

The third trimester ndio final part of your pregnancy, na inalast from months 6 to 9.

Hii course iko na chapters 2, and each chapter will teach you about eating and caring for yourself ukiwa kwa third trimester. There will be fun lessons and activities for YOU to do.

Any woman can take this course, whether you are pregnant or not! It is never too late, or too early, to learn.

Find out more about how it works, here.

What do you need?

Nothing but your time, a bit of effort and an internet enabled phone. Each chapter will take you 10 minutes to complete, but you can also leave and come back whenever you like.

U Afya is also designed to save you data so you can take your time and enjoy the course.

Complete the course to receive your downloadable certificate!

You can also collect badges and a trophy as you go on.

Get started now!

The educational material in this course was sourced from and “Family Planning” 2018 Edition - USAID, John Hopkins, WHO.


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