Pregnancy Class (Part 1)

U Afya

Hii ni a free online course na imetengenezwa kukufunza kuhusu healthy pregnancy!

Hii course iko na 2 Chapters, zinazoangalia the first trimester ya pregnancy.

Trimester ni nini?

A trimester ni period ya three months kwa pregnancy yoyote. Pregnant women huwa na trimesters 3 making it 9 months in total.

First trimester

Second trimester

Third trimester

Month 1 - 3

Month 4 - 6

Month 7 - 9

Hii course itakuelezea njia ya kuwa na the healthiest pregnancy possible. Itakuwa pia na fun lessons and activities for you to do! Any lady can take this course, whether uko na ball ama bado! It is never too late, or too early, to learn.

Find out more kuhusu vile inawork, hapa.

Unaneed nini kumaliza hii course?

Nothing but your time, effort kiasi na simu iko na internet. Kila chapter ya zote mbili itakutake 10 minutes kumaliza, but do not worry, unaweza stop na kurudi tena kuendelea any time you like!

Tumia data kidogo by changing to Low Data  at the top of page.

Maliza course yote to get a certificate that you can download to your phone!

You can also collect badges and a trophy ukiendelea kuifanya.

The educational material in this course was sourced from and “Family Planning” 2018 Edition - USAID, John Hopkins, WHO.