My Healthy Body Class


Most women experience it, but very few of them enjoy it. You are right, this course ni kuhusu…PERIODS

Hii course iko na Chapters 3, na kila moja iko na fun lessons and activities unaweza fanya to help you stay healthy during your period. We will also look at how we as women can keep clean hii time.

Find out more about how it works here.

Unaneed nini kumaliza hii course?

All you need ni time, effort kiasi na simu iko na internet.

U Afya tip

Did you know unaweza change utumie option ya Low Data and save data bundles zako? You can try it now!

Maliza course yote upate certificate that you can download kwa phone yako!

Ukiendelea utapata badges na at the end of the course a trophy.



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