Breakfast Class

U Afya

Hii ni a free online course ambayo iko designed to teach you about giving your family a healthy and affordable breakfast that is also delicious too!

The course is made up of 2 Chapters each containing fun lessons and activities ambazo unaweza pitia.

Find out more kuhusu vile inawork, here.

What do you need?

You do not need much, time yako tu, a bit of effort na simu ambayo iko na internet. Kila chapter will take you 10 minutes to complete, but you can also get in and out of the course. Kwa hivo, unaweza anza course, upumzike kidogo halafu urudi uanzie pahali uliachia last time.

Tumia data kidogo by changing to Low Data  at the top of page.

Complete the course to receive your downloadable Certificate!

You can also collect badges and a trophy as you go on. 


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